Welcome to Galerie Birch

Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Galerie Birch has had the unique pleasure of bringing international art to Denmark for over 70 years. To this day, Galerie Birch remains an expert on the most significant Danish and French artists of the Post-War era.

Galerie Birch’s ties to France and artists within the French-speaking region begin as early as 1948. Only two years after the opening of the gallery, art dealer Børge Birch presents the works of Pablo Picasso to the Danish public for the very first time, quickly followed by Cuban painter George Braque. In the following years, Birch continues his work with international artists such as Deyrolle, Corneille, Alechinsky, Appel and Poliakoff, placing these artists in several important Scandinavian collections.

The Danish public is also introduced to internationally recognized local artists such as Asger Jorn and Robert Jacobsen. Each in their own way, both artists shaped the artistic development during occupied France – Asger Jorn, who co-founded the CoBrA group in Paris in 1948, and Robert Jacobsen who played a central figure in the Constructivist art movement.

In 1946, Galerie Birch is founded by Børge Birch (1906-1993) who soon becomes one of the leading art dealers in Europe. Today, Galerie Birch is recognized for its work with artists connected to the CoBrA movement; Asger Jorn, Pierre Alechinsky, Karel Appel, Corneille and Reinhoud. In addition, Galerie Birch is known for their ongoing collaboration with artists who were friends with Asger Jorn, in particular Walasse Ting, Jan Voss, Bengt Lindström, Yasse Tabuchi and many more. Artists who can all be found in some of the world’s leading museums.

Børge Birch, who first began working with Asger Jorn as early as the 1930s, founded the historical building blocks that represent Galerie Birch’s ethos to this day. As Galerie Birch’s current owner, his daughter Anette Birch, carries on his legacy, maintaining the many years of expertise in dealing with Post-War art.

In the spring of 2017 Galerie Birch celebrates yet another milestone; the opening of Birch Copenhagen – Contemporary Art Gallery. Located in Palægade 5, Birch Copenhagen is run by Caroline Birch (the third generation of art dealers within the Birch family). Simultaneously, Galerie Birch opens a branch in Rue Basse, Monaco.

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