The boutique hotel

What is the true definition of being certified a Boutique Hotel?

Well, first and foremost, all that you see in our establishment, is something you can acquire and be a proud owner of.

Have you fallen in love with one of our amazing beds, then search no more, here we give you the possibility in becoming a possessor of your wish list.

Equally, if you have come across one of our exquisite works of art, they are there waiting to be taken home for a reasonable price. The same applies for some of the beautiful cutlery, quilts and our incredible pillows.

At Hellerup Parkhotel, only the best exceeds the expectations of the fundamental good, hence providing you with the unique experience in taking the very best home with you.

Allongside the possibility in buying some of our fantastic interior features, we have also partnered with some of the most renowned and luxurious Danish brands. This gives you an additional experience and the possibility in acquiring some of these goods while staying with us.

This includes Leif Sylvester art and sculptures. Along with art pieces from the well known Peter Hesk which has become a harmonized part of Hellerup Parkhotel. Moreover, a collection of some of the best

dun-blankets and pillows. Furthermore, we offer investments such as diamonds or just jewellery from Ole Lynggard, bracelets from La Change, handmade leather bags from Kenzina and much much more… 

Are you ready for some serious shopping?!