At Hellerup Parkhotel we want to take good care of the nature that surrounds us. Therefore, we regularly test new supplies, materials and ideas that are developed with respect for sustainability, environment and people.

The latest addition is that in all of our rooms, you’ll find a nice writing set. It consists of a notepad – sustainable, of course – but also of the so-called “Sprout pencil”.

It functions as an ordinary pencil, but when you finish it, you won’t be throwing it out. Instead you plant it, and it will grow up and for instance become a beautiful basil plant, which you can enjoy in your food.

The pencil has been developed by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as their bid for a pencil that both are made from sustainable wood and gives back to nature, when the pencils “natural life” is over. – A mindset that also recurs in all of sprouts other products.

Perhaps a pencil is a minor thing, but the whole thinking behind the pencil is extremely important: That the things we usually throw away can get a new life – perhaps as something completely different. It’s a mindset we fully support at Hellerup Parkhotel and we look forward to showing you the amazing pencil.