For the 2nd time in a row, we won the World Luxury Hotel Awards for “Best Luxury Business Hotel”.

“We are deeply honorured and greatful for having  received this prestigious award for the second time in two years. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my outstanding employees. Without their charm and professional skills it would not have been possible, they truly manage to create a home, away from home, for our beloved guests.”
Ole Andersen, owner og Hellerup Parkhotel

Meet our owner, Ole Andersen, at World Luxury Hotel Awards, where we picked up two prizes: One for Best Boutique Hotel in Denmark, and one for Best Business Hotel in Denmark:

We are SO looking forward to be attending this – as winners of this year’s World Luxury Hotel Awards!

An Extraordinary Celebration of Hoteliering Excellence.

Established in 2006, the World Luxury Hotel Awards is considered the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel

industry, offering international recognition as voted for by guests, travelers and industry players alike.
In celebrating over a decade in awarding service excellence, the 2017 award year will close with a spectacular gala celebration, hosted by the
magical Kulm Hotel St. Moritz on 2 December.

Over 300,000 international travelers vote each year during a four week period to select the winners. Luxury hotels have
the opportunity to participate in the World Luxury Hotel Awards by entering into categories that showcase their unique
selling points and destinations.

Awards on the night will be bestowed on luxury properties who excelled within their service delivery areas on a country,
regional, continent or global basis, be it the most luxurious island or forest resort, the best wedding destination or the
ultimate ski hotel.

“Our most exciting challenge ahead is defining the Global Hotel of the Year for 2017, the honour of which was awarded to Armani Hotel Dubai in 2016. This award is the highest accolade to achieve on the night and a multitude of factors come in to play when making this decision.
Each hotel is looked at in detail concerning; votes received during the annual voting phase, overall guest satisfaction from online reviews, facilities at the hotel, design, location, branding, to name a few.” says
Joanna Evans, Marketing Communications Manager for the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

Head Chef Mauro Taufer invites the leaders in the luxury hotel industry to delve into indulgence and dine with his
specially prepared 6-course wine pairing menu, a taste experience to delight in. Coupled with top-quality entertainment
and the air of excitement surrounding each winner’s anticipation, the evening promises to be a truly enchanting affair.

Executive Assistant Manager of the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, Jean-Jacques Baur, says “It is a great honour for us to be part of this event and to welcome all members from all over the world here in our beautiful St. Moritz region.”
The World Luxury Hotel Awards looks forward to this magnificent occasion, and to honouring the crème da la crème of the luxury hotel industry.

We are happy to announce that we have won the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017!

This is a highly prestigious award and we are beyond proud to have received it!

The category we have won will be revealed on 2 December at a fashionable hotel in Switzerland. We already know that there are three Danish hotels on the list of this year’s winners, but none of us have been told which categories we have won.

The categories are: local, national, continent, and last, but not least, global.

But we are proud of our achievement regardless of which category we have won. Denmark should be as well. Imagine that. Three Danish hotels are so good that they have earned top spots in one of the most prestigious competitions in the industury.

Congratulations to us and the other three hotels!

Hellerup Parkhotel has a special place in hearts around the country. The beloved author Jane Aamund has had a hallway at the hotel for the majority of her life and should you so desire, you can read more about that here (in Danish).

Another heart the hotel has captured is that of designer Frederik Bagger, who has been visiting the establishment since he was three years old. We have decided to mark that friendship by establishing a partnership with Frederik, to make it possible for guests to buy Frederik Bagger’s popular Crispy Eightball crystal glasses at a discounted price.

Crispy Eightball is part of Frederik Bagger’s selection of high quality glasses, that brings crystal glasses and their many qualities into the modern era. The unique forms of Crispy Eightballs range from cocktail glasses to juice glasses – with dessert glasses in between. These beautiful glasses are made from unleaded glass and are perfectly dishwasher-safe.

Furthermore, our guests will be met with plenty of chances to enjoy Frederik Bagger’s beautiful glasses, as there will be a range of them in each and every room, in order to make the Hellerup Parkhotel experience more luxurious than ever before.

Hellerup Park Hotel has been a part of my life since I was a little boy. My dad and I have visited the hotel and eaten at the restaurant since I was just 3 years old. I have closely followed the development of the hotel and still enjoy to visit. 

The hotel represents a mix of art, design and gastronomy, which for me gives a unique experience as both guest and independent designer. 

I’m very pleased to see my own design now represented at Hellerup Park Hotel and I hope you will enjoy a refreshment in my Eightball glass from the Crispy collection. 

 As a guest at the hotel you can buy the glasses upon inquiry at reception.
Love Frederik

Celebrating our 15th anniversary with Mr. Ole Andersen as the owner of our wonderful Boutique Hotel, we have donated 5 Dkr for each booked room all through the past year to JDRF (Children Diabetes Foundation).

At a great galla on wednesday night, we were very proud indeed to present the foundation with no less than 111.350 Dkr (appr. 16.000$) to back up their good work.

Thank you very much to everybody who participated in this charity and to all of you who booked a room at Hellerup Parkhotel the past year.

At Hellerup Parkhotel we want to take good care of the nature that surrounds us. Therefore, we regularly test new supplies, materials and ideas that are developed with respect for sustainability, environment and people.

The latest addition is that in all of our rooms, you’ll find a nice writing set. It consists of a notepad – sustainable, of course – but also of the so-called “Sprout pencil”.

It functions as an ordinary pencil, but when you finish it, you won’t be throwing it out. Instead you plant it, and it will grow up and for instance become a beautiful basil plant, which you can enjoy in your food.

The pencil has been developed by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as their bid for a pencil that both are made from sustainable wood and gives back to nature, when the pencils “natural life” is over. – A mindset that also recurs in all of sprouts other products.

Perhaps a pencil is a minor thing, but the whole thinking behind the pencil is extremely important: That the things we usually throw away can get a new life – perhaps as something completely different. It’s a mindset we fully support at Hellerup Parkhotel and we look forward to showing you the amazing pencil.

Hellerup Parkhotel will close for Christmas on the 23.rd of December and opens up again on the 2:nd of January 2017.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!