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This applies from 4 Jan – 1 Feb.
Please call us directly on +45 39624044 when you book.
We wish you all a very happy new year.

We look forward to welcoming you and telling you why you can feel safe at the hotel.
At Hellerup Parkhotel, social distance and the use of a mask when you move in areas outside your room = love ❤

The safety of our guests and staff is still our highest priority.
Please read more on our safety precautions here during Corona time.


– a modern boutique hotel in the heart of Hellerup.

Please remeber – if you book your stay directly through us, we’ll throw in a free continental breakfast.

Yes, we are family!

 Debra Sledge from the world famous Sister Sledge and our very own, the amazing pianist Niels Lan Doky has donated their jazz version of Sister Sledge’s biggest hit, “We are family” to me and Hellerup Parkhotel. I hope this will equally be a mutual feeling, after having stayed with us…namely that you are home with your family. A family that provides you the security whilst away from home, a family of its own.

Because we call ourselves a hotel, but we are much more than that. Naturally, we can offer you our pleasant rooms and delightful beds to sleep in – which are in fact the best in the country. But we also offer something particularly unique, that cannot be defined in a single word.

It is hidden within the elements of detail, emotion and inspiration. It is in our amorous for even the smaller things, our desire to play, experiment and to set our own ground rules.

It is hidden within the philosophy that at Hellerup Parkhotel, an egg served at the breakfast table is not just an egg. It is genuinely an egg from a hen, that has lived a prosperous life – and that the egg is freshly prepared and upon your order and not pre-prepared.

It lies within the events we offer our guests and the overall responsibility and respect, which you will always find at our fine establishment. Not only will this reflect on you as a guest, but on our own staff, the environment and the world that surrounds us. We believe in transparency and we are highly conscious where everything originates from.

It lies within the fact that we are a Boutique Hotel, the first of its kind in Denmark, where all art on each wall can be owned, cutlery in the restaurant and various designer assortments, all made with a fundamental respect for nature.

It is given that; we would rather provide you with additional services then originally expected.

Here at the hotel we love to set our own rules. Some might perhaps call us unruly and unconventional on a larger scale, but for us, it is all about getting the bigger piece of the pie. Its all about fun, pleasure and joy.

Its basically all about the love given in what we do.

We look forward in welcoming you.

Ole Andersen,
Hellerup Parkhotel


Only minutes from everything: Shopping, beaches, nature and the center of Copenhagen.

As a guest at Hellerup Parkhotel you enjoy the privilege of strolls through the verdant Øregård Park, which beckons from just across the street. And if you are tempted to venture on a hike, you’ll find the region’s largest woodland, the royal deer park Dyrehaven, and its popular family amusement park, Bakken, located not far from Hellerup Parkhotel. In Dyrehaven, some will appreciate the deep quiet of the forest, while others may prefer a white-knuckle ride on the classic rollercoaster. After a long day on foot, you can take a dip in the sea just a stone’s throw from the hotel.

But if nature and the seaside aren’t quite what you are looking for, then there is exclusive shopping to be found along the local coastal road, Strandvejen – an area that has evolved into a veritable shopper’s paradise. And if that still doesn’t quite satisfy your shopping cravings then central Copenhagen is located just 5 kilometres away, quickly reached by car, bus, train or bicycle.


Hellerup Parkhotel offers 71 elegant rooms decorated with good taste, the feel of home, and comfort.

The rooms all have modern facilities such as IP-phones, flat screen TV’s, and efficient and free wifi to ensure our guests have a perfect and comfortable base for their stay.

A good nights sleep means everything is everything to ensure a successful day. This is why all the hotel’s rooms have the best beds and the best duvets and pillows that the market can provide.

Placed with the sea on the hotel’s east side, the Øregaardspark north and Hellerup library designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen, you have a lovely view of either Øresund, the green areas, or classic Danish architecture.

Quick and easy you can book your stay right on this page. And here you will of course always find the day’s Best Available Rate.


Within the past 5 years, all of our rooms at Hellerup Parkhotel has underwent modernisation and are now updated with vibrant colours and contemporary furniture. The lobby’s distinctive colour scheme is also reflected in the rooms where guests are greeted by a bright, modern ambiance. The final discerning touch is a collection of captivating city portraits and a desert landscape, which adorn the rooms and corridor of the fine old hotel. The artworks give visitors the impression of venturing on a globetrotting odyssey, one that stimulates and nurtures wanderlust.

Art has always been central to Hellerup Parkhotel, which now lends its lounge walls to Danish artist Leif Sylvester’s colourful lithographs.


HELLERUP PARKHOTEL | Strandvejen 203 | 2900 Hellerup | Mail: | Call: +45 39 62 40 44