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Unique offer for guests of Hellerup Parkhotel

As a guest of Hellerup Parkhotel you will get the opportunity to experience something special: You can have your very own personal tour of the Erik Bille Christiansen exhibition guided by a highly esteemed art historian.

The exhibition is open March 9 – April 11, 2017.

Please contact the reception if you want to make use of this very unique offer.

Read about Erik Bille Christiansen’s beautiful works and about the exhibition here:

Erik Bille Christiansen * Separate exhibition * GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD DUCK

The first separate exhibition of the year at Galerie Birch is both colourful and amusing, as we welcome new variations of the beloved Disney characters; Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Uncle Scrooge.

Get in a spring mood as we exhibit Erik Bille Christiansen’s new series of paintings all through March. The new images take their figurative starting point in the easily recognisable characters from Disney’s universe, but they contain so much more than that. Bille Christiansen’s  images are not re-interpretations of recognisable Disney characters, but rather a series of delicate mood pictures in which the audience can recognise themselves or someone they care about; such as the euphoric sense of love in the painting “Sweetheart”, or the proud type as is seen in the painting “Figure on Flag”.

In this way there is something eternal in Bille Christiansen’s paintings, as they illustrate big and small events in everyday life. This is probably also a reason why Disney’s universe is so good a format for the visual arts, as the history of the painting and the gallery of characters from the cartoons combine to illustrate our personal life stories as well as a larger societal context at the same time.

Bille Christiansen’s images recall memories of an older time, as the Disney format brings us back to the 1950s pop culture in the USA, where the living story format of the cartoon is created. That is why Bille Christiansen’s images are so relevant: because solid craftsmanship and great originality is the recipe for how to create culture that will still be relevant in 100 years.

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