What do they say about DaVino - restaurant & bar?

Hellerup Parkhotel is a hotel with a class of its own.

From the art on the walls to the man behind the hotel, the owner, that often walks among hotel guests in the morning restaurant, only to wish them a good day. “Isn’t it a shame that the restaurant is left empty the entire remains of the day?” – his thought exactly

And it's true - for besides the guests, lies this little hotel in an area with people who are very fond of good food and with very high ambitions.

And so it was – Daniel Fattoum moved in with “DaVino” a Mediterranean inspired menu, passion for wine and a penchant for Jazz. And there no use telling a chef like Daniel, that a Mediterranean cuisine would match an Italian tenor - he is in fact mostly to Jazz – so Jazz it what he plays.

And perhaps it is precisely why it all works so well. For Hellerup Parkhotel is carried by the same passion as Daniel carries its cuisine and the atmosphere he wants to create: With love!

Last but not least, it should perhaps be added: That the chef strives to cater for both the area and guests with prices that are extremely reasonable. It is with other words, hard not to find good arguments for a visit.

You are very welcome!

Pernille Aalund

Article in Danish newspaper Børsen: