Meet DaVino’s new owners!

It is with pride and joy, that Hellerup Parkhotel on this day announce that restaurateur Daniel Aref, from Restaurant DaVino, has agreed as follows:

The well-known and highly professional Restaurateurs Christine Fogh Aagaard and Fabio Avenoso, that operates several Italian restaurants in Copenhagen, are taking over Restaurant DaVino on this day, alongside with celebrity lawyer Jackie Phillip and Morten Wagner, who is known in the legal context and entrepreneurship, as well as in the restaurant context as co-owners and co-founders of the nightclub success Sunday Club and the newly opened Dolores and restaurant Congo.

The concept, which has made Restaurant DaVino wellknown and appreciated in a very short period of time, will continue in a transition period and then turning more towards the pure Italian cuisine.

We look forward to this exciting collaboration, and we look forward to hotel guests and the local community can benefit from this exciting concept with this creative and innovative gallery of owners. The acquisition of the four new owners takes place from today.

Yours sincerely

Ole Andersen
Hellerup Parkhotel.

Erik Bille Christiansen at Hellerup Parkhotel

You have to come to my hotel and enjoy this amazing painting of one of my favorite cartoon figures. Sold at Galerie Birch:

Erik Bille Christiansen
“Erik Bille Stop Talking”
Olie på lærred, 130 x 97 cm
Billedet udbydes til: DKK 34.000

Galerie Birch
Bredgade 6
DK-1260 Copenhagen
Telephone: +45 33111652

» Unique offer for guests at Hellerup Parkhotel: See Galerie Birchs new exhibition

Welcome back to Dominik Andersen.

Dominik has worked with us before as manager of our reception, and even though our ways parted, we’ve always kept a close contact. Now, we’re extremely happy to tell that Dominik is back with Hellerup Parkhotel. – And we’ve not only hired Dominik back, but also promoted him to Hotel Manager!

In the future, Dominik will do his very best to ensure that all of our wonderful guests will have a fantastic stay at Hellerup Parkhotel, and we look very much forward to the collaboration!


Large Donation for JDRF/ Childrens Diabetes Foundation

Celebrating our 15th anniversary with Mr. Ole Andersen as the owner of our wonderful Boutique Hotel, we have donated 5 Dkr for each booked room all through the past year to JDRF (Children Diabetes Foundation).

At a great galla on wednesday night, we were very proud indeed to present the foundation with no less than 111.350 Dkr (appr. 16.000$) to back up their good work.

Thank you very much to everybody who participated in this charity and to all of you who booked a room at Hellerup Parkhotel the past year.

Gift for our guests: Sustainable pencil and notepad

At Hellerup Parkhotel we want to take good care of the nature that surrounds us. Therefore, we regularly test new supplies, materials and ideas that are developed with respect for sustainability, environment and people.

The latest addition is that in all of our rooms, you’ll find a nice writing set. It consists of a notepad – sustainable, of course – but also of the so-called “Sprout pencil”.

It functions as an ordinary pencil, but when you finish it, you won’t be throwing it out. Instead you plant it, and it will grow up and for instance become a beautiful basil plant, which you can enjoy in your food.

The pencil has been developed by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as their bid for a pencil that both are made from sustainable wood and gives back to nature, when the pencils “natural life” is over. – A mindset that also recurs in all of sprouts other products.

Perhaps a pencil is a minor thing, but the whole thinking behind the pencil is extremely important: That the things we usually throw away can get a new life – perhaps as something completely different. It’s a mindset we fully support at Hellerup Parkhotel and we look forward to showing you the amazing pencil.


Hellerup Parkhotel proudly present the first digital guest book in Denmark. DigitalGuest® offer our guests all the needed information about the hotel – directly on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

In a world where people increasingly expect greater accessibility to all kinds of information, we now offer our guests a digital guest book, which literally gives the guest the hotel room in their pocket during the stay.

The digital guestbook offer information about the room and the hotel, and also about the facilities at the hotel and in the surrounding areas. The guestbook also include a city guide, as well as information about taxi, wifi, car rental and more.

Everything is accessible with a single click directly on the smartphone, tablet or PC.

At Hellerup Parkhotel, we also greatly appreciate guest feedback and through the digital guestbook, as a guest you can now review us directly on TripAdvisor.

We look forward to receiving your review after your visit to the Hellerup Parkhotel.

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Closed for Christmas

Hellerup Parkhotel will close for Christmas on the 23.rd of December and opens up again on the 2:nd of January 2017.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!